Order of the Arrow | Sebooney Okasucca Lodge

James West Fellowships

As part of the Sebooney Okasucca’s Lodge commitment to the Andrew Jackson Council and the support of its camping program we commit to give both the Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign and to Endowment. A list below of those that have received the West Fellowship in their honor:

(2001)           Johnny Barranco- Lodge Advisor
(2005)           Tim Culnane    Lodge Chief
(2005)           James K. Bell   Lodge Staff Advisor
(2006)           Steven Cullen Lodge Chief
(2006)           Charles Abbott Chapter Adviser
(2007)           Evan Rogers- Ceremonies Chairman 
(2007)           Jim Dunn- Ceremonies Associate Adviser

(2008)          Tommy Sebrell -Lodge Adviser

(2008)          Larry Cagle -Lodge Staff Adviser

(2009)          Colton Dunn- Lodge Chief

(2009)          Terry Duvall- Food Service Adviser

Centurion Award

The Centurion Award aimed to highlight “Hometown Heroes,”‘ or those Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing, and ongoing operational excellence of their local council’s lodge, and who, in doing so, have or will have inspired others to follow in their foorsteps. This award was a one-time recognition associated with the centenial anniversary of the OA that was bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee. It was modeled after a similar program in the BSS’s 100th anniversary celebration, the 2010 National Hall of Leadership. Accordingly, this recognition was an opportunity to highlight lodge development over the last century and the many individuals, both youth and adult, who were instrumental to this success. Centurion Award honorees serve as exemplars of leadership, modeling to others a commitment to cheerfull service as the Order of the Arrow enters its second century of service.

Centurion Award recipients could have been living or deceased and should have provided significant contributions to the lodge’s legacy. Each recipient was designated as either a youth or adult contributor. The minimum service period was 3 years for a youth contributor or 6 years for an adult contributor. Recipients of the award were provided with a certificate and recognition ribbon consisting of a red and whate ribbon and a metallic totem symbolizing the centennial anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

Over 1800 Arrowmen received the Centurion Award. Below are Sebooney Okasucca’s Recipients.

Name and service period:

  • Tommy Sebrell
    • June 1989 – January 2015
  • Josh Henry
    • June 1991 – January 2015
  • Larry Cagle
    • August 1992 – 2015
  • Steven Smith
    • June 2011 – January 2015
  • Steve Spell
    • July 1984 – January 2015
  • Wally Majors
    • July 1983 – January 2015







The following is a list of Sebooney Okasucca Lodge #260 members inducted into the Vigil Honor. The names are listed by the year the honor was bestowed. The Indian name and English translation are included where known.


  • none


  • Claude Thompson
    Wapsu Gokhos
    White Owl


  • Donald Thompson
    Sakima Tindey Lenno
    Chief Fire Man


  • A. B. DeLozier
    Sakima Amangi Wuschgink
    Chief Great Eye


  • Charles B. Hooker
    Sakima Menuppek Tindey
    Chief of the Lake Fire
  • Roland Webb, Jr.
    Lenapeuhoxen Gischelendam
    Moccasin Hatch
  • Thomas Willitts
    Sakima Wapsu Wingewochqueu
    Chief White Raven


  • none


  • Frank Gwin, Jr.
    Chief Cotton Man
  • E. J. “Gene” Price, Jr.
    Gichtamen Machque
    Lazy Bear
  • James Everette Rankin
    Red Star
  • Eric P. Robbins
    Wapsu Mehuk Nimat
    White Blood Brother


  • Charles V. Robinson
    Smart Fox
    Wewoatam Woakus
  • John Sullivan
    Wapsu Woapalanne
    White Eagle


  • none


  • Robert N. Leggett, Jr.
    Aninsihhillen Woapalanne
    Young Eagle
  • Linton D. North
    Sakima Amangi Menuppek
    Chief of the Great Lake
  • Claude Thompson, Jr.
    Nimat Nianque
    Brother of the Cat


  • Garland L. Lear, Sr.
    Minga Olka Chita Hola Bonakai
    Chief Many People Breeder
  • J. R. McPhearson
    Chief Great Talker
  • Melvyn Lee Smith
    Young Hawk

1960’s (actual year unknown)

  • Jackson Henderson Ables III
    Minga Pelichi Wunita Nimat Gilkissin
    Chief Able Laughing Brother


  • Paul R. Geer
    Chief Thunder Talker
  • F. Mason McGrew
    Chief Calm Cloud
  • Louis H. Turner III
    Running Deer
  • Sherwood W. Wise
    Wise Owl


  • Robert F. Jones
    Okchako Hoshonti
    Blue Cloud
  • Bradford L. Pyle
    Friendly Looking Trader
  • Karl B. Stauss
    Nuktala Kinta
    Cheerful Beaver
  • Hans-Karl Stauss
    Chito Alikohi
    Great Doctor
  • Gene Thompson
    Lusa Nita
    Black Bear


  • George Eugene Clements
    Achgameu Sisi’lija
    Broad Buffalo
  • James B. Sullivan III
    Diligent Servant
    Lilchpin Allogagan


  • Jimmy Love
    Sakima Tschinque Auwen Allemih’hillen
    Chief Wildcat Who Flies
  • Walter H. Maddox
    Clamhattenmoagan Alloge’wagan Nenajunges
    Steady Work Horse
  • Darrell Wesley Mathis
    The Laughing One
  • Charlie Sorrells
    Waskejek Gunaxit Nenajunges Gentgeen
    Thin Tall Horse Dancer
  • James R. Spencer
    Lilchpin Witawemat
    Diligent Assistant
  • Daniel Wayne
    Wunita Gentgeen
    Able Dancer


  • Nelson Cruthirds
    Third White Haired Tall One
  • Robert W. McCallum, Jr.
    Silent One Who Works Cheerfully
  • Richard M. Place
    Loud Speaking Faithful One
  • Wilbur E. Turcotte Jr.
    Chief Little Fisherman


  • Wyatt Gwin
    Wischixin Gentgeen
    Nimble Dancer
  • Hiram D. Polk
    Lippoe Nimat Gunaxit Hittuk
    Wise Brother of the Tall Trees
  • James B. Taylor
    Miqui Wulattauwoapuwagan Majauchsu
    Far Sighted One
  • Frankie Whitehead
    Klamachpin Nawochgen
    Quiet Follower
  • Kenneth L. Whittington
    Nipahwochwen Woapink
    Night Traveling Possum


  • Donald F. Fortenberry
    Tgauwiwi Gentgeen Sisi’lija
    Gentle Dancing Buffalo
  • James B. Foster
    Missochwen Amochol Sachgagunummen
    Traveling Canoe Leader
  • Curtis Gwin
    Wulamhittamoewagan Wischixin Psakulinscheu
    Faithful Nimble Squirrel
  • Edward Earl Latham, Jr.
    Wischiki Wulantowagan Gentgeen
    Busy Spirit Dancer
  • Kenneth Martin
    Klamachpin Gachpees Ktemaque
    Quiet Twin Beaver
  • Frederick T. Searcy, Jr.
    Willing One Who Serves
    Gattati Majauchsu Auwen (last word missing)


  • Thomas M. Fortenberry
    Gunaxit Gentgeen Wingewochqueu
    Tall Dancing Raven
  • John S. Grant
    Meechgalhukquot Wischixon
    Fireheaded Nimble One
  • Bruce Guraedy
    Meteu Pohonasin Auwen Achpamsin Ink
    Medicine Man Drum Beater Who Walks In
  • William E. Lieb, Jr.
    Lippoe Amangi Wewingtonhett Genechgihat
    Wise Big Talking Overseer
  • James McRae
    Klamachpin Wischixon Nachpi Kuweuchak Ink Wsit
    Quiet One With Log On Foot
  • Ronald E. Vaughn
    Miechheken Wischixon Nachgohuman Ink Kuwe Tekene
    Hairy One Sings In Pine Forest
  • T. L. Vaughn
    Thin Worker Without Warlock
    Waskeu Alloge’wagan Kotschemunk (word missing)


  • David G. Franck
    Alappiechsin Memhallamund
    Fast Talking Trader
  • Jimmy W. Holifield
    Tekene Memsochet
    Forest Traveler
  • Robert L. Long
    Klamachpin Tachan Alloge’wagan
    Quiet Woodworker
  • David Nonnemacher
    Kschamehhellan Psakulinscheu Gentgeen
    Running Squirrel Dancer
  • Bill Owens
    Klamachpin Alloge’wagan Ktemaque
    Quiet Working Beaver
  • Clifford A. Palmer
    Amatschipuis Gentgeen
    Turkey Buzzard Dancer
  • Richard T. Smith, Sr.
    Klamachpin Tgauchsin Lauchsoheen
    Quiet Friendly One Who Makes Others Happy
  • William L. Stanberry
    Chief Boy Gatherer Gentleman
    Sakima Skahenso Mawenemen Wetschitschauquit


  • John S. George
    Small Dancing Rabbit
  • Billy G. Lister
    Calm Chief With Black Burning Oak in Mouth
  • William R. “Bill” Lister
    True Leader Who Speaks Sharply
  • Phil Rutledge
    Younger Brother Who Dances Fast
  • Mike E. Spell
    Torch Carrier Who Works Diligently
  • William F. Von Almon II
    Skillful Chief Who Leads Well
  • George R. Williams II
    Great Chief Who Fells Tree On Canoe


  • Robert A. Baucum III
    Gentgeen Netapalis Woaphokquawon
    Dancing Warrior With Sagging Warlock
  • Billy E. Benton
    Genaquot Machkeu Lenno Chuppecat Wewingtonheet
    Tall Red Man With Dirty Water in Mouth
  • David Lloyd Foil
    Young Papoose Grown Mighty Warrior
    Amementit Kikeyin Allouchsit Netopalis
  • Walter Tipton
    Tachpachelensuwi Sakima Menuppek Tindey
    Little Chief of the Lake Fire
  • Billy Koos
    Gilkissin Machkeu Wuschgink Gentgeen
    Laughing Red Faced Dancer
  • Warner Jack McGee
    Niskpeu Woakus Auwen Ankhitton Schukuney
    Wet Fox Who Loses Trail
  • Kent Parrish
    Swift Runner With Web Between Toes
    Kschamehhellan Nachpi (word missing) Tetauwiwi Lalchauchsitaja
  • James Edwin Phillips
    Chief Picture Painter Large War Vest
    Sakima (words missing) Amangi Machtageoagan (word missing)
  • William F. Von Almon I
    Mighty Warrior Who Carries Big Club
    Allouchsit Netopalis Auwen Najundam Amangi (word missing)


  • Barry Fox
    Frugal Chief With Broken Arm
    (Word missing) Sakima Nachpi Poquihhilleu Wunachk
  • Roy L. Johnson
    Gunaxit Waskeu Wendamen
    Tall Slim Fisherman
  • Kent Knee
    Great Pack Rat Who Travels
    Allowelendamoagan Amangachpoques Auwen Missochwen
  • John W. Ledbetter, Jr
    Wulisso Okyoli Amangamek
    Handsome One Who Swims Like Large Fish
  • Billy G. Luckett
    Gentgeen Nachpi Pethakwonn Metakhammen Wil
    Dancer With Thunder Cloud Covering Head
  • Robert Nichols
    Gentgeen Nachpi Amangi Tscholens Chitquen
    Dancer With Great Bird From Across Deep Water
  • David Puddister
    Dancing Brave From The North
    Gentgeen Lenape Wenschijeyin Lowaneu
  • Paul F. Tadlock
    Gunaxit Kuweuchak Acheweicheu Taat Hattape
    Tall Pine Strong Like Bow
  • Robert D. Williams
    Wunita Majauchsu Auwen Gischihan
    Able One Who Creates With Hands


  • Billy M. Hughes
    Klamachpin Winginanen Achgumhok
    Quiet Messenger Who Delivers Smoke Signal
  • Harry C. Eagles, Jr.
    Klamachpin Tscholens Auwen Allemih’hillen Gunaquot
    Quiet Bird Who Flies High
  • Steve Gardner, Jr.
    Able Dancer With Swinging Bustle
    Wunita Gentgeen Nachpi (words missing)
  • Walter B. Godbold
    Sakima Auwen Achpamsin Tgauwitti Nachpi Amangi Segachtehikan
    Chief Who Walks Softly With Big Stick
  • David D. Mitchell
    Quiet One Who Gathers Facts
    Klamachpin Majauchsu Auwen Mawenemen Achgegingewagan
  • Tommy Newell
    Gattopuin Nachpi Gischhatteu Sukachsin
    Hungry One With Ready Skillet
  • Roy H. Smith
    Sakima Nachpi Sabbeleu Lawantpe (word missing) Nochgoatamen
    Chief With Shine On Head Stamp Licker
  • Gerald O. Yocum
    Quilawelendamoagan Sakima Amangi Chitquen
    Confused Chief From Big Deep Water


  • Paul Eagles
    Yamma Manta Chukani Ai Tuklo Chanaha
    He Who Flies On Two Wheels
  • Bruce Lightsey
    Alota Hishi Chito Ak Anankosh Nowa Foka Iti Anunka
    Big Hairy One Who Strolls In Forest
  • Thomas David Lofton
    Achefa Kato Anumpa Takla Polhki
    One Who Talks With Fast Tongue
  • Tommy Gene Ray, Jr.
    Imomaka Amih Achafa Awant Kilimpi Chike
    Experienced One With Strong Will
  • Royce Robertson
    He Who Does Good For Others
  • Eddie Sansing
    Chimpoa Amih Achafa Ket Nowa Apeha Atoha Iyi Beka
    Small One Who Walks With Tired Feet
  • Ron Scrivner
    Handsome One Who Scouts For Explorers
  • Thomas V. Stringer
    Heap Noisy Trader-Bush Under SmellerCharles Vainey
    A Brave White Flame on Top


  • William “Bill” Burlon Blackwell
  • John C. Langston
  • John R. Drummond
    Okpulot Tuha Pata Kitta Ai Chona Tiak Iti
    Crazy Horse From The Tall Pine Woods
  • Roy Hudson
    Chulosa Putakitta Takla Himmitasi Ibbak Ishki
    Quiet Brave With Green Thumb
  • Eugene Jackson, Jr.
    Chocolate Indian With Running Mouth
  • William Scott Stephens
    Brave Who Keeps Records
  • William Stephens
    Tali Holisso Itannali At Ishko Alusa Fichak
    Money Collector Who Drinks Black Water


  • Charles Daniel “Chuck” Borum
    Quiet Dancing Bear
  • Bernie Elmerick
    Tall Brave Who Is Hot Cooker
  • J. B. “Chip” Gulledge, Jr.
    Short Brave Who Dances To Tom-tom
  • Orris I. Hicks
    Learned One Who Sends Smoke Signals
  • Clay Kirkland
    Aianli Amih Achafa Kato Naki
    Loyal One Who Leads
  • Charles R. Lindsay, Jr.
    Thrifty Brave With Small Pony
  • L. H. “Pete” McCraw
    Timeless Warrior With Smile of Sun
  • Richard Calvin Spencer
    Isht Kinta Ketah Nuksiteli Cba Huchi
    Busy Beaver Who Hangs Up Sun
  • Thomas Harris Sullivan
    Skillful Badger Who Travels Like Deer
  • Lee H. Wall, Jr.
    Brave Who Makes Good Scout


  • Carl Brewer
  • Billy C. Crider
    Hatuk Ilapissa Achafa Imma Hopoksa
    The Sad One of Wisdom
  • Randy L. Graves
    Swamp Rat Who Climbs Totem Pole
  • Gerald Enoch Kees
    The Ole Pathfinder
  • Bo Limbaugh
    Aiaka Achufa Iba Akaieta Abukbo
    Large One With Many Feathers
  • Earnest E. Limbaugh
    Yiminta Achafa Iba Halupa Lipitta
    Earnest One With Sharp Buck
  • Michael Steve Lucius
    Tampi Tanap Iba Kobali Harnip
    Dark Warrior With Broken Body
  • Fred L. Norris
    Skillful One With Sharp Eyes
  • James B. “Sam” Stribling
    Yokni Potassa Iba Alota Washko
    Flatlander With Big Itch
  • Tommy Stringer, Jr.
    Thin One Who is Cutter of Wood


  • David Ball
    Alota Hushi Manta Ashachi Hashwish
    Big Bird Who Miss Worm
  • John S. Barranco
    Anowa Nukwia Atakla Imponna Yelepa
    Traveling Brave With Happy Smile
  • Leslie Gus Blackwell
    Pelichi Manta Fohka Yamma Lanla
    Chief Who Dresses Like Penguin
  • Edward E. Eckman
    Alota Nukwia Atakla Okaluak Pilla Humma Bahta
    Big Brave With Fire Water In Red Bag
  • Jim Pace
    Nukwia Manta Tikeli Pilla Lafeta
    Brave Who Stays In Mud
  • Jay Shirley
    Na Mika Iksho Manta Toksali Fehna
    Silent One Who Works Hard
  • Stephen L. “Pete” Stribling
    Holissochi Nukwia Atakla Sipokni Isuba
    Scribbling Brave With Worn Out Pony
  • Charles “Chuck” Stringer
    Yahapa Itatoba Atakla Okpotot Taha Okhisa
    Noisy Trader With Crazy Doors


  • Bill Barr
  • Mitch Callendar
  • Mike Ellzey
    Achiba Toksali Aiena Litheha Holisso
    Hard Worker With Soiled Books
  • Clyde Yawn


  • Fletcher Cannon
  • Jerry Rudman
  • Frank W. Jones III
  • Tom Welch
    Diligent Brave Who Speaks Far
  • A. B. Williams, Jr.
  • Warren Williams
    Achafa Nu Aiya Iya Na Ishto Shali Shapo
    One Who Goes Afoot and Carries Big Load


  • Joel Hudson
    Isht Oktapa Shunshi Aiena Ponaklo Abukbo
    Shutter Bug With Questionable Feathers
  • Kerry Hudson
    Yuka Ithanachi Aiena Haiuchi Anumpa
    Master Of Slaves With Shaking Head
  • Charles Philipp
    Tali Fobassa Hishansha Achafa Aiena Akallo Ahni
    Wiry Headed One With Strong Will
  • Lee Smith
    Imponna Shukata Aiena Kafa Itialbi
    Sly Possum With Zipped Dipped Lip
  • Ronald A. Wojcik
    Yukpa Millinta Achafa Abilia Shunka Achukma Ayanalli
    Smiling Polish One Always Smoking Peace Pipe


  • Michael A. Barranco
    Big Dancing Brave With Gentle Heart
  • Jim Jeffords, Sr.
    Diligent Brave Who Speaks Be Nice Now
  • Edward H. Prince
    Busy Beaver Who Works Quietly
  • Tim Windham
    Large Brave Who Drives Mechanical Machine With Stove Pipe Hat


  • Charles E. Burnham
    Apelachi Achafa Aiena Aiaka Kallo
    Helpful One With Lots Of Energy
  • Charlie Burnham
    Ahni Chishko Aiena Yukpa Haksi
    Willing Worker With Quiet Smile
  • Finley Hootsell
    Itatoba Nita A Aka Aia
    Trading Bear On The Go
  • Mike Lack
    Alota Nakni Aiena Alabocha Aiena Amphata
    Big Brave With Pots And Pans
  • Melvin Spell
    Chilosa Nakni Wushohachi Achukmalit
    Quiet Brave Working Diligently
  • Frank Williams
    Imanukfila Malkachi At Aiascha Cheki A Isht Ilaneli
    Brainy Chief Who Is Quick On Crutch


  • Jerry Blalock
  • Ray Blalock
  • William Gregory Burnham
  • Terry Hairston, Jr.
    Anumpuli Shunkaniapa
    Silent Anteater


  • Claude A Holland
    Chita Hushi Aiena Noktanla Pisa
    Big Bird With Serious Look
  • James A Holland
    Okyoli Chulhkan
    Swimming Arachnoid
  • Robert Leard IV
    Chobokachi Hatak Pelichi Aiena Akomachi Aiim Alhpesa
    Bubbling Chief With Sweet Disposition
  • Paul Martin
  • Bill Murphy
  • Ed Sauls
    Chattering Brave With Fuzzy Face
  • Hillory Wright, Sr.
    Bearded Brave of Science


  • Mike Childress
    Hihlah Chilita Ishit Abokbo Iti Channuli
    Dancing Brave With Stuck Wagon
  • Robert Frederick
    Iskitini Miko Ishit Hattak Isunlush
    Little Chief With Wagging Tongue
  • Donald E. Kennedy
    Aiokli Miko Ishit Okehaki Ishkoh
    Cute Chief With Fresh Drink
  • Robert Leard III
    Ishtutta Chilita Ishit Nutakhish Nashuka
    Busy Warrior With Fuzzy Face
  • Darrell Pace
    Nipiband Miko Ishit Anuksitah Ahah Okhutta
    Bare Chief With Love For Lakes
  • Bobby Rich
    Cholusah Chilita Kutah Tihleh Iti Channuli
    Quiet Brave Who Drives Wagon
  • Marc Weidinger
    Ikhish Hattak Ishit Fahalichih Pichahli
    Medicine Man With Wobbly Rats


  • Chris Clements
    Aiisht Ahollo Akkabata Aiena Aialhto Holisso Alokoli
    Wonderbat With Mailbox Collection
  • Johnny Martin
    Peni Chito Isht Anya Oka Pokpoki Aiena Pichali Fiopa Tapa
    Surfing Sailor With Dead Rats
  • Vann Green
    Nakni Aiokpachi Aiena Tali Isuba Chali
    Industrious Brave With Fast Iron Horse
  • Wally Majors
    Alalichi Chula Aiena Akataiya Aiyaka
    Sly Fox With Many Patches
  • Tom Cochran
    Nakni Yukpa Shali Aiena Tali Holisso Weki Aiyaka
    Jolly Brave With Many Talents
  • Douglas F. Harrington, Jr.
    Nakni Falammi Chohmi At Tali Holisso Eshi
    Northern Brave Who Takes Money
  • Bill Kuriger, Jr.
    Alla Shukhushi Hasimbish Aiena Alahpoyak Achukma
    Pigtailed Papoose With Bad Goods
  • Clay Rich
    Nakni Aswanchi A Hashi Kucha
    Busy Brave At Rising Sun


  • Jack Brockmeier
    Nuktala Hatak Pelichi At Yimintachi Himmita Tikba Pisa
    Migrated Leader Who Encourages Young Scouts
  • Charles Coker
    Ashwanchi Kinta Aiena Banshki Aiokpanchi
    Busy Beaver With Friendly Welcome
  • Patrick Hudson
    Kinint Nakni Aiena Hopoksia Anumpai Falama
    Silent Brave With Considerate Reply
  • Robert Kalka
    Aiyoshoba Pelichi Aiena Inca Ialipa Achiba Isunlash
    Wandering Chief With Strange Bonnet And Slow Tongue
  • Abbey W. “Tad” Magruder, III
    Alalichi Itatoba Aiena Aiyaka Imilayak
    Sly Trader With Many Goods
  • Jon Steven Spell, Sr.
    Ibaklalani Nakni At Holisso Aiena Chimpoa Isuba
    Laughing Brave Who Works With Small Pony


  • Kevin L. Brockmeier
    Ashwanchi Kinta Aiena Yannash Nushkobo
    Busy Beaver With Buffalo Head
  • Brian Roland
    Nuktanla Ilaveli Aiena Atta Beka
    Cheerful Guide With Busy Feet
  • Thomas Crawford
    Imponna Achafali Aiena Chito Askufachi
    Crafty One With Heavy Sash
  • Dallas L. Nash II
    Ashwan Opa Aiena Aiyaka Tali Holisso
    Busy Owl With Many Talents
  • M. Christopher Cotting
    Apela Aiyimita Aiena Imponna Okla Amba Hoshiushi
    Helpful Brave With Skilled Tongue and Quill
  • Leonard K. McDonald
    Hilachi Aiyimita Aiena Hochtena Pushilufa
    Dancing Brave With Coveted Scalp


  • Larry Bain
    Ashwanchi Inshali Hatak Imma Ulhti
    Busy Chief of the Fire
  • Terrence Buckhalter
    Hila Nakni Aiena Nushkobo Ai Ahoshonti
    Dancing Brave With Head In Clouds
  • Malcolm Cotting
    Kileha Nita Aiena Bakoa Isuba
    Growling Bear With Spotted Horse
  • Jim Fairchild
    Shilombish Ilaveli Aiena Aiyaka Tali Holisso Weki
    Ghostly Guide With Many Talents
  • Ben Foster
    Allikchi Aiena Chansa Anumpa
    Medicine Man With Shrill Voice
  • David Jewel
    Itatoba Nakni Tashka Pilla Ak Miliki Hatak
    Trading Warrior From The North
  • Robert X. Louys
    Nusi Nita Aiena Aboha Chito
    Sleeping Bear With Large Tepee
  • Christopher O. Marsh
    Hatak Isht Ilawata Nakni Tashka Aiena Tuklo Alata
    Bragging Warrior With Two Sides
  • James Peden
    Alalichi Chula Aiena Imanukfila Tunshpa
    Sly Fox With Eagle Eye
  • Stuart Rich
    Palammi Talo Imponna Opa
    Strong Singing Owl
  • Daniel Ware
    Chilofa Hatak Ikhana Aiena Itamoa Itibapishi
    Falling Friend With Lost Brothers


  • Pat Adams
    Oka Hinka Kato Apelachi Himmita Patakitta
    Water Dweller Who Helps Young Braves
  • Lance Clay
    Ituklakata Patakitta Aiena Lapushki Anumpuli
    Joking Brave With Soft Voice
  • Jon Norris
    Nuktala Hila Aiena Kanomona Holitopa
    Quiet Dancer With Many Honors
  • Berk Sauls
    Na Miha Iksho Aiena Imaiyokoma Nashuka
    Silent One With Bewildered Look
  • Fred McCann
    Toksali Fehna Fani Aiena Shobulli Satih
    Hard Working Squirrel With Smoke In Mouth
  • James Mike Holcombe
    Minko Alikchi Aiena Iti Chito Tapa On Iyi Api
    Chief Medicine Man With Log On Leg
  • Bill Seegraves
    Imponna Opa Kato Habenachi Ikhinsh Shukcha
    Talented Owl Who Gives Medicine Bags
  • Reynaldo H Rodriguez
    Nan Apela Pattakitta Aiena Oka Alibisha
    Helpful Brave With Skillet


  • Benjamin Boyd
    Alikchi Aiena Chushukli Isuba
    Medicine Man With Lame Horses
  • Jeffery Reed
    Nuktala Nowa Hila
    Quiet Stomp Dancer
  • Dr. Hanley Hasseltine
    Yukpa Alikchi
    Smiling Medicine Man
  • Tim McWilliams
    Anukwia Kanchi
    Fearful Spender
  • Michael Martin
    Nuktala Tonksali Apistikeli
    Quiet Working Guard
  • Michael Schenk, Sr.
    Toluski Aiyimita Aiena Tikabi Isuba Iskitini
    Short Brave With Tired Pony


  • David Algood
    Yushbonuli Chukfushi Aiena Chansa Anumpuli
    Curly Rabbit With Shrill Voice
  • Eric Brickman
    Ola Chisa Hoh Nakni Hita
    Chirping Sparrow That Dances
  • Lee Davis
    Chitoli Oka Achuka
    Loud Water Dweller
  • James Marsh
    Imaiyokoma Fani Hoh Nukfoki Yato
    Bewildered Squirrel That Inspires Others
  • Tommy Sebrall
    Alatichi Inshali Aiena Chati Ibbak
    Sly Chief With Fast Hand


  • Jon Carter
    Hoyopa Ak Ombinilt Ayah Yanush
    Brave That Rides Buffalo
  • Jason Cotting
    Iluta Honi Itta Fabossa Hanuli
    Pale Cook With Long Legs
  • Joshua Henry
    Homma Nukwia Itta Bushpo I Nishkin
    Tan Brave with Knife in Eye
  • Jason Gerstner
    Ai Ahli Toka Iyi Hashuk Hihlah
    Sure Footed Grass Dancer
  • Andrew Lann
    Tohbi Shilup Itta Laua Imponna
    Gray Ghost With Many Skills
  • Danny Liles
    Anchanlih Kinta Kutah Imabuchib
    Traveling Beaver Who Teaches
  • John Nassour
    Kostini Shaui Itta Imponna Ibbak
    Wise Raccoon With Crafty Hands
  • Russell Rodriguez
    Fabossa Mali Isht Utta Kinta
    Long Winded Busy Beaver
  • David Walley
    Nutakhish Hoyopa Kutah Pilesah
    Bearded Brave Who Works


  • George Copeland
    Chopunta Chilita Aua Chitoh Ahali
    Little Brave With Big Steps
  • Kenneth Edwards
    Iui Baffalli Ak Aua Ima
    Quiet Bushy One With Modem
  • Lin Jayroe
    Ikhish Hattak Ahahpishno Chitokaka
    Medicine Man For The Lord
  • Michael Lawhorne
    Itachawa Chilita Ishit Laua Issuba
    Arguing Brave With Many Ponies
  • Jim Michaels
    Nakni Ai Hoyo A Achafoa Tali
    Brave In Search Of Precious Rocks
  • Chip Taylor
    Luak Unichichi Cheluppi Me Uni
    Fire Warrior Of Mayberry
  • Brad Walley
    Apelah Oka Hoyo Ho Hila
    Helpful Water Watcher Who Dances


  • J. T. Blalock
    Hatak Itibi Ipash I Huma
    Red Haired Warrior
  • Lee Daniel
    Cho Losah
    Quite One
  • Dale Goss
    Kanah immachokme hica issohbe osi spiknit iya
    Jolly One With Aging Pony
  • Billy R. Howell, Jr.
    A Pisachi Malatah
    Scout Who Controls Lightning
  • W. Kevin Jeffreys
    Ka Nah Kashofah Kanen Apilachi
    Clean One Who Helps Others
  • Barry Lann
    Mikko Chitto Hiloh Ha
    Big Chief With Thunder In Voice
  • Mark Mason
    Chu;a Hishi Lawah Apilachi
    Furry Fox That Helps


  • Seab Brumfield
  • Larry Cagle
    Big Bull with short temper
  • Stephen G. Franks, Sr.
  • Robbie Goss
  • Rencher Lann
  • Joel P Martin
  • Jim McCardle
  • Larry Munn


  • Nicholas “Nick” Crews
    I Pashi Losa Hitha Nanih Miti
    Dark Haired Dancer From the Hills
  • Gray M. Fowler
  • Billy R. Howell
  • Timothy E. Marsh
  • Chester O. Martin
  • Marcus Mason
  • Gregory L. Nations
  • James L. Perry


  • John R. Blair, Jr.
  • Olean P. Brumfield
  • Richard Elwart
  • Neil Joshi
  • Jonathan McCardle
  • William P. Michaels
  • Lucien Smith


  • Charles A. Abbott
  • Daniel G. Fowler
  • William McKercher
  • Matthew Mauney
  • Scott Patterson
  • Brice Stubbs
  • Peter Zelasko


  • Christopher Brumfield
    Noshkoboka Achokma Lowah Pihlichi
    Great Leader Who Serves Many
  • Stephen P. Bush
    Alla Lowak Hoshi Talowa Hobachi
    Fire Boy Who Sings Like Bird
  • Joshua Donaldson
    Tashka Toksali
    Warrior Who Works Diligently
  • W. Andrew McLarty
    Hopoyksa Hattak Annopa I Lawa
    Wise Man With Many Voices
  • Morris Mauney
    Hopoyksa Hattak Lowah Aprlachi
    Wise Man Who Counsels Many
  • Earl James Stringer
    Hattak na Hoprla Lawah Ipachi
    Charitable Man who Feeds Many
  • John D. Wofford, III
    Miko Chito Fokkah Labo Fokka
    Big Chief In Red Jacket


  • William R. Armstrong
    Achonnachit Hopila
    Determined Deliver
  • Harry Bynum
    Mechmauwikenk Sakima
    Chief Camper
  • Phillip D. Fryer
    Wowoatam Sachgachtoon
    Skillful Cook
  • William A. McLarty
    Nana Ikkana
    One With Great Knowledge
  • Robert Nations
    Osiyat Iki Holitopa
    Little One With Great Father
  • Tim Shanks
  • McKee Wadlington
    Alhipah Chito Losi Kanah Yoppachi
    Drummer Who Makes Many Laugh


  • Jackson Ables
  • Timothy Ables
  • Robby Bush
  • William Fortenberry
  • Daniel Godbold
  • Nathan McLarty
  • Race Robinson


  • Chris Abbott
  • Bobby Bassett
    One Who Creates With Mind
  • Johnny Browder
    Guhn Achgektum
    Snow Teacher
  • Timothy Cullnane
    One Who Is Ready
  • Thomas Hester
    Stubborn One
  • Blake Stringer
    He Who Does Good For Others
  • Justin Sumrall
    Big Rock
  • S. C. Thomas
    Calm Minded One


  • Spencer F. Ables
    Amangiekhsin Tatkhen
    Little Man With Big Voice
  • Nick Bullock
  • Steven Cullen
    Weuchsowagan Anhoktonhen
    Knowledgable Interpreter
  • James Dunn
    Amangi Wewingtonheet
    Big Talker
  • John “Jay” Humphries
    Quiet One
  • J. D. Kohl
    One Who Does Good Work


  • Kathie Eagles
    Ahoaltuwl Wopalanne
    Loving Eagle
  • John M. Kimbrough IV
    Hakiaet Lowaneu
    Farmer of the North
  • Jack McCafferty
    He Who Has Good Spirits
  • Nolan McIntyre
    Clamhattenmoagan Tschutti
    Steady Comrade
  • Evan E. Rogers
    Klamachpin Netopalis
    Quiet Warrior


  • Colton Dunn
    Believes To Be Blameless One
  • Steven Gooch
    One Who Gives Back
  • Charles Runyan
    Nuwingi Sachgachtoon
    Willing One Who Cooks
  • W. Parker Tate
    He Who Serves


  • David Echols

Witunay Pepukenkes

Bearded Drummer


  • Tommy Ricks

Kekhit  Kshaxen

Strong Wind


  • Duncan Becker

Welathaket Pechinu

Medicine Man Who Makes Noise


  • William Boyles


Man With Yellow Shoulders


  • Jerad  Easterling


One Who Is Called Upon


  • Jack Farren


A Wise Man


  • Robert Parkin


Skilled Dancer


  • Kerry Steed

Paxenikan Mikenoist

  • James T. Beasley                                                                               

Temakelenist Wehixenis                                                    

He Who Is  A Humble Cook                                                         

  • Andy Talley


            A Good Counselor


  • Sebastian Harrell
    • Sea Fish Who Guides
  • Nelson Ramsey
    • Loud One Who Wakes Others
  • Daniel Majors
    • Quiet One Who Throws Disc
  • James Riggs
    • Guardian Who Plays Flute
  • Al Banks
    • Elephant Who Cooks Big
  • Ed Kosmicki
    • Western Actor Who Draws
  • James McCollough
    • Legal Rebal Who Guides Brothers
  • Stephen Heard
    • He who Rides Cherokee to the Woods
  • John Micheal Jones
    • Wewoapisak Gachpallan
    • Guardian of the Water
  • Garner Cheney
    • Wischiki Lachpiechsin
    • Busy One Who Talks Too Much
  • David Banks
    • Gachpees Wiwuntschi Sakima
    • He Who Resembles Former Chief
  • Mitchell Boulanger
    • Wowoatam Gewit Tachtomse
    • Helpfull One who Sleeps Often
  • Noah Martinolich
    • Tschitanek Ila Pònùmën
    • Clumsy Warrior Who Runs Fast
  • Joe Farrar
    • ?Gokhos Sësàphitehike
    • Owl Who Writes in Code??
  • Bill Cheney
    • ?Thaquetto Takachsin Achowalogen?
    • Short Leader Who Never Quits
  • Stephen Martinolich
    • Klamachpin Tschipilels Lowunsuagon
    • Quiet Leader with Confusing Name
  • Alan Jones
    • Machkeu Aèsës Takachsin Amochol
    • Red Elephant Who Leads Boat

This list was compiled by Isht Kinta Ketah Nuksiteli Cba Huchi using old lodge records, National Vigil Committee records, actual Vigil Certificates, and information from various lodge members. I appreciate the help I have received from the members of Sebooney Okasucca Lodge. This list contains only the names of Vigil Honor Members who were inducted as Vigil Honor members from the Sebooney Okasucca Lodge #260. Members who received the Vigil Honor from other lodges are not listed.

  • Leni Lenape was used as the Indian translation from 1951 – 1959, 1963 – 1964, 1966 – 1969, 1971 – 1973, 2001 – 2002, and 2004 – 2007.
  • Choctaw was used in the translations in 1960, 1962, 1974 – 1981, 1983 – 1996 – 1998.
  • At this time the Indian translations are unknown in 1961, 1965, 1970, 1982, 1999 – 2000, and 2003.